About AWLN

The African Women Leaders Network for Reproductive Health and Family Planning (AWLN) is a collective voice of 35 African women leaders from 15 African countries. AWLN supports the efforts of African women to improve reproductive health and access to comprehensive family planning. AWLN is a product of Advance Family Planning, co-ordinated by The International Planned Parenthood Federation Africa Region (IPPFAR) and the African Women’s Development Fund.


Our Objectives

AWLN’s key goal is to strengthen global advocacy efforts for reproductive health and family planning by bringing to the foreground the voices and perspectives of African women.

This is to ensure that the needs, experiences and aspirations of African women are addressed in decision making, policy and legislative arenas as well as service development. The inclusion of perspectives from this key constituency will improve significantly the efficacy and effectiveness of global advocacy strategies.


Our Principles

AWLN recognizes access to comprehensive family planning and reproductive health as fundamental human rights.

The network believes that African women are key to addressing the multiple crises of high maternal mortality, infant morbidity and low life expectancy on the continent. As such African women should be recognized as equal partner in such efforts.

AWLN will work within the following principles and values:

  • Respect for and promotion of women’s bodily integrity, autonomy and choice in all aspects of advocacy, policy, legislative development and service delivery. This includes respecting the rights of women to make informed and autonomous choices about child bearing, desired number of children and contraceptive use.
  • Commitment to the leadership development of African women at all levels of decision-making.
  • Support for the diverse existing efforts being led by African on issues of Reproductive Health and Family Planning.