AWLN member improves access to sexual and reproductive health information for young people in Uganda


Mama Alive initiative (MAI) is a nonprofit and public health organization in Uganda headed by Hon. Ruth Kavuma (AWLN member)has recently launched a new project known as the “Vijana minds up” aimed at increasing access to information on sexual and reproductive health among the youth. Young people face many pressures and have many challenges in accessing information on sexual and reproductive health. The project which is being funded by the Hewlett Packard Foundation will be providing accurate, reliable and timely information to the youth through social media platforms such as whats app, facebook, sms andtwitterwithout stigmatization and discrimination.

Currently Uganda has a teenage pregnancy rate of 25% one of the highest in Africa. The majority of these pregnancies are unwanted, leading to induced abortions and associated complications. Teenage pregnancies lead to early child bearing with three in ten women aged 15-19 years already mothers or pregnant with their first child.If these early pregnancies are averted girls will stay in school longerandbuild a better life for themselves.

This projectseeks to bridge the knowledge gap, achieve behavioural change and contribute to addressing some of the current crisis especially the increasing rate of teenage pregnancies, high incidence of STIs, HIV and AIDS facing the youth in Uganda.

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