FP2020’s Rapid Response Mechanism

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What is the Rapid Response Mechanism (RRM)?

  • The RRM supports projects that respond to emerging and urgent opportunities that will help FP2020 meet its goal of enabling 120 million more women and girls to use contraceptives by 2020
  • The RRM supports projects that are catalytic and will amplify existing work in a  FP2020 Focus Country
  • The RRM is anchored in principles of: voluntarism, informed choice, participation, protection against coercion and accountability
  • The RRM will be disbursed rapidly, and should be spent rapidly.  Projects will run for a short time – most projects will take three to six months and at a maximum be completed within a year – following initial financial disbursement from FP2020
  • RRM funds will follow a dual track, being either (1) a consultancy-based contract to provide technical assistance, or (2) an activity-based grant around one of four themes (see below, with examples):

    1. Technical assistance (consultancy for expert support)

    2a. Discrete training (e.g. non-routine and targeted training of health workers to provide wider range of contraception)

    2b. Advocacy and education (e.g. capitalizing on a time-sensitive opportunity to increase funding for, or support to improve policy for, family planning)

    2c. Increasing access for hard to reach and marginalized groups, including youth (e.g. promoting a new contraceptive product in a challenging area)

    2d. Other (e.g. an urgent need such as time-sensitive, local adaptation of contraceptive guidelines)

Special thanks to Bloomberg Philanthropies for establishing the Rapid Response Mechanism. Should donors be interested in augmenting the fund, please contact FP2020’s Executive Director.

Who is eligible to apply for RRM grants?

To check if you are eligible to apply for a RRM grant, download the application here.

  • The following organizations are eligible to apply for RRM grants: registered NGOs/CSOs, registered INGOs, governments, private organizations and UN organizations
  • Projects which are operational from any of the 69 FP2020 focus countries are eligible for RRM funding
  • You must be legally registered as an organization in the country where you intend to implement the project
  • You must have a bank account registered to the organization
  • Your project must be implemented in an FP2020 focus country
  • You must implement your project in the next 12 months
  • Your project must respond to one or more of the RRM thematic areas: technical assistance, training, supply side intervention, and increasing access for hard to reach and marginalized groups
  • RRM grants can be operational at regional, national, or sub-national levels
  • If your country is a fragile state, as defined by UNF and listed in Appendix 1, extra levels of due diligence are needed

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