Kathy Kiragu: Keys with a Cause


By Natasha Nduhiu

Kathy Kiragu is a cool and calm jazz pianist who has loved music since her formative years. Back on holiday from the prestigious Berklee school of music, she took the time to sit down with AWLN and talk about her latest projects.

In her own words, Kathy is a dynamic pianist, singer and music producer. Her first instrument was the recorder, which she played when she was five years old. Her interest for the instrument was short lived, and instead she began taking piano lessons. It was the beginning of a love that would last for the rest of her life.

But Kathy has an important message to share.

“No family should have to lose a mother or a child during birth,” she states.

Her wisdom is beyond her years. At only 24 years old, Kathy recognizes that lack of access to healthcare facilities results in the deaths of thousands of women across the country.

In order to improve maternal and child health outcomes in the country, the First Lady of Kenya, Margaret Kenyatta launched the ‘Beyond Zero Campaign.’ The campaign’s focus is to purchase mobile clinics that will provide integrated HIV, maternal and child health outreach services in the country.

Kathy Kiragu is supporting this cause the best way she can; through her music. She is holding a jazz concert dubbed “Music for Life” at Nairobi’s Braeburn School on Gitanga Road on 23rd of August 2014 at 7.30pm. All proceeds shall go to The Beyond Zero Campaign.

“Expect some great African jazz and some music you can dance to,” Kathy enthuses.

The set will include a nine piece band of talented artists.

We wish Kathy the very best and cannot wait to hear the music!


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