New Grant Opportunity for AWLN Members


As part of the second phase of the African Women Leaders Network for Reproductive Health and Family Planning (AWLN), provision has been made for members of AWLN to apply for small grants.

The grants will be geared towards supporting AWLN members in the fulfillment of the Network’s advocacy objectives:

  • To advocate for an enabling policy environment for family planning and reproductive health (primarily task shifting)
  • To advocate for an increase in budgetary allocation for family planning

AWLN’s primary objectives will especially be emphasized. They are;

  1.  Reposition FP/RH as key components of maternal health
  2. Call for increased budgetary provision for RH/FP at national levels
  3. Advocate for the development of good practice in RH service delivery

Activities to be supported

The following are the activities that will be supported at country advocacy at national and sub-national levels, as well as limited regional engagement:

  • Convening meetings with policy makers, legislators and CSO partners
  • Local and community media engagement (esp. community radio in local languages to raise public engagement)
  • Production of advocacy and policy papers and materials
  • Monitoring progress on country commitments to FP2020

The grants will primarily enable AWLN Members to engage and influence processes and actors such as policy makers, donors, and legislators especially at local and national levels to increase access to family planning and reproductive health. This way, Members play a key role in ensuring that reproductive health and family planning remain key priorities in the next development agenda. The grants will essentially promote partnership and alliance building with actors who are strategic to influencing the advocacy agenda.

A summary of the projects that will be accepted is as follows;

Thematic Area Projects Supported Expected Outcomes
FP2020 Raising local awareness of national commitments made for 2020Tracking progress of country commitments


Research and documentation

Increased public engagement on FP2020 
Increasing National Budgets Media Outreach 

Engagement with Legislators and local policy makers and implementers


Research and documentation

Greater commitment from towards prioritising  family planning and reproductive health access to reduce unmet need
Post MDG/ICPD Beyond 2014 Processes 


Production of papers and documentationOrganisation or participation in post MDG/ICPD Beyond 2014 country consultations Reproductive health, family planning, gender equality and maternal health remain a priority in the next development agenda.

Grants will be awarded in the spirit of encouraging partnership and alliance building particularly among strategic partners who are instrumental to influencing and making decisions on the issues outlined above.

Who can apply?

AWLN members in partnership with organisations or agencies working in these areas can apply. AWLN Members can initiate grant applications in partnership with organisations, agencies or groups working in these key areas in their national contexts.

A Member can apply for a grant once a year for an amount not exceeding five thousand dollars (USD5,000.00).

Applicants will be expected to submit concept notes and Spitfire plans to the AWLN Secretariat. Applications can be sent in English or French by email.

Applicants will be required to sign a contract and provide narrative and financial reports including original receipts for all expenditure.


  • Grants will be managed by AWDF
  • Quick processing and turn around (5 – 10 days)
  • Will prioritise non focus countries
  • Application process all year

All applications received will be acknowledged and taken through a process of vetting. An initial vetting will be conducted by the Advocacy Consultant after which a list of pre-selected applications will be submitted for further vetting by a subcommittee of the AWLN Secretariat and Steering Committee.

Expected Outcomes

  • Raised visibility and engagement on FP and RH at national levels with regional level reinforcement.
  • Recognised leadership by women on RH and FP advocacy
  • Increased levels of national budget funding for FP & RH
  • Enhancement in an enabling environment for rights based policy in FP/RH


Contact Information:

  1. Name(s) of Applicant
  2. Address (Physical and postal)
  3. Telephone
  4. Email Address
  5. Contact person name and title
  6. Contact details of two referees


  1. Provide details of the proposed activity
  2. What is the goal of the activity?
  3. Is it national, sub-regional or regional?
  4. Who will be involved in the implementation?
  5. Timeframe for completion

Grant Request Information

  1. How much money are you requesting for?
  2. For what purpose are you seeking this grant?
  3. How do you intend to use this grant? (include a Spitfired Activity plan)
  4. Provide a detailed budget (with invoices where possible)
  5. Expected benefits with indicators
  6. How does this project you are applying for fit into AWLN’s objectives as stated above?

For more information contact Joan Koomson – or Marcia Halm –



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