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  Abuja Declaration on Health Financing in Africa Presentation
» 527.3 KiB - 1,240 hits - June 7, 2012
10 Year Review: Abuja Declaration on Health Financing in Africa Presentation. Dr. Ademola Olajide, head of Division - HNP, Social Affairs Department, African Uniion Commission.

  Abuja-Progress Report May 2010
» 1.1 MiB - 1,108 hits - June 7, 2012
Five - Year Review Of The Abuja Call For Accelerated Action Towards Universal Access to HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria Services By 2010. Progress report (2006-2010). Special Session of The African Union Conference of Ministers of Health, Geneva, Switzerland, 15 May 2010.

  African Union. 2001. Abuja Declaration on HIV/AIDS, Turberculosis and Other Related Infectious Diseases.
» 26.3 KiB - 1,009 hits - June 7, 2012
We, the Heads of State and Government of Organisation of Africa Unity (OAU) met in Abuja, Nigeria from 26-27 April 2001, at a Special Summit devoted specifically to address the exceptional challenges of HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and other Related Infectious Diseases, at the invitation of H.E President Olusegun Obasanjo with the agreement reached at the Thirty-Sixth Ordinary Session of Our Assembly in Lome Togo.

  AWLN 2nd QUART Newsletter
» 2.2 MiB - 2,347 hits - June 1, 2012
The whole world is talking about maternal mortality and the role family planning plays on women empowerment and poverty reduction. However, many of the discussions are taking place far away from the African continent where majority of the women are affected.

  AWLN 3rd QUART Newsletter
» 32.0 MiB - 923 hits - June 20, 2012
We are far from a world where women are free to decide the sexual matters that concern their bodies and communities. We know that young women continue to get pregnant earlier and contract HIV/AIDS at a higher rate than men. We know that youth are sexually active at a younger age, yet lack access to contraceptive and protective methods against sexually transmitted infections and unplanned pregnancy.

  AWLN 4th QUART Newsletter
» 19.0 MiB - 896 hits - June 20, 2012
Welcome to the 4th Quarterly AWLN Newsletter. Only halfway through, the year has already provided much to celebrate. The first quarter of the year afforded us the opportunity to lobby for the reproductive health and family planning needs of our fellow sisters in rural Africa.

  AWLN Position Paper English
» 90.2 KiB - 972 hits - June 1, 2012
We, as African women recognize reproductive health and family planning as a fundamental human right. We respect women’s right to choose freely and to make informed decisions about child spacing, number of children and contraceptive use free from coercion.

  Collaborating Across Borders to Advance the Health of Women”
» 69.5 KiB - 954 hits - August 3, 2012
Monica Modise died at the young age of 35. She left behind two daughters, Nomsa (17) and Zodwa (15), as well as a four-year old granddaughter, Zintle. In 2005, Monica Modise was diagnosed HIV positive. It came to her as a shock. She was married to her husband, had been faithful in her marriage, and so had no reason to suspect that she would contract HIV. Her husband died in 2007 of AIDS related causes.

  HIV Women being sterilized
» 517.5 KiB - 2,267 hits - June 1, 2012
‘I Feel like half a Woman All the Time’: A qualitative report of HIV-positive women’s experiences of Coerced and forced sterilisations in South Africa.

  Hormonal Contraception and HIV-1
» 296.7 KiB - 982 hits - June 1, 2012
Biological data pertaining to the plausibility of an effect of individual methods of hormonal contraception on HIV acquisition, progression in women living with HIV, and transmission to non-infected male partners were reviewed.

  Maputo Plan of Action on Sexual Reproduction Health Rights
» 296.7 KiB - 974 hits - June 1, 2012
Maputo Plan of Action for the operationalisation of the Continental Policy Framework for Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights 2007-2010.

» 122.3 KiB - 1,733 hits - August 1, 2012
The Pan-African Positive Women`s Coalition (PAPWC) was founded on Africa Day, (25th of May), 2012 at the inaugural summit of the GlobalPower Women Africa Network in Harare Zimbabwe. Considering the feminization of the epidemic on the continent, and disproportionate number of women and girls who are HIV infected and at risk of infection, PAPWC intends to champion the cause of positive women and girls on the continent with respect to their human rights, prevention, care, treatment, education and economic empowerment. In addition, their sexual and reproductive health needs will be promoted as an integral part of the HIV response.

  SRHR Campaign in (Uganda)
» 1.9 MiB - 2,859 hits - June 1, 2012
Consolidated National Campaign and Advocacy Strategy 2011-2014. Demanding for Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights in Uganda.

  The World Health Organization . 2011. The Abuja Declaration: Ten Years On.
» 84.6 KiB - 1,131 hits - June 7, 2012
The World Health Organization - The Abuja Declaration: Ten Years On.

  Young Women Fact Sheet ENGLISH
» 130.5 KiB - 1,301 hits - June 1, 2012
African Women Leaders Network fact sheet on Young Women & Reproductive Health & Family Planning.



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